Get To Know How Google Places Help Small Businesses

Gone are the days when you ask your near ones or neighbors when you need information related to something. With the advancement of technology, things have changed for the better, and now everyone relies on the internet for information related to anything under the sun. The term Google has almost become a synonym for internet due to its wide acceptance and usage. People nowadays don’t even use the term “search on the internet,” instead they say “just google it!”. That itself shows how much Google has become an irreplaceable part of our everyday life.

Google Places- Searches Based On Location!
Coming to businesses, small, medium or large scale, all depend on internet marketing to a great extent for promotional purposes and getting close to prospective customers. Any customer would just search google to get information about products/services they are looking for. Hence more and more business owners are now trying their best to rank higher in the google search results and grab the attention of customers. As per Google reports, every 1 in 5 search results is based on location. People living in a particular location will obviously look for products or services near that location. Here is where Google places help businesses. Google Places is a special search method based on location aspects.

Small businesses often focus on local customers and not global customers. In such cases, Google places can help small businesses grow and establish their business by attracting prospective customers. In case you have not yet started using it, you are already far behind your competitors! Buck up and start using Google places before it is not too late.

What Are Google Places?
Google place is an exclusive service that allows you to get listed on the Google Maps. People often search Google Maps when they don’t know the way to go somewhere and also to search for products/services near a location. Hence, when you get your business listed on Google Maps, automatically you appear in the Google Map search results based on your locality. This naturally attracts more customers and helps your business grow. Your business will get listed in the organic web listings and also in the Google Places. Google often blends Places and Maps pages in addition to the organic results for searches based on location. This helps small business owners to create brand awareness in and around their locality.

Getting Listed On Google Places
Getting your business listed on Google Places is an easy process. It can be easily done in three simple steps. The first step is to create an account in the Google Places. You will need to provide relevant information like phone number, address, e-mail id, the method of payment, hours of business operation, images related to business, modes of service, videos related to your business, etc. The second part is the verification of all the listings through email or phone. Once you verify it, Google will provide you a PIN. Using this PIN, you can claim your listings. The third step is the acceptance of your listings by Google. Once the acceptance is over, you can view all your information online in search results of your locality. Here, the greatest advantage that you have is that Google Places is free and hence all business owners can make maximum use of it to grow their business.

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